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We are in hyper-growth and we are always on the look for new talented Xpeople with strong passion and a growth mindset - JOIN US!

Do you see yourself as a part of the Xpeople?
Well, first we invite you to have a look around our website, find out all about the business, our world-leading data management system, our partner structure, and our unique DNA and Culture. Do you still see yourself as part of TimeXtender?

If yes, then we would love to hear why you find us interesting and how we match in purpose and values. Wow us with all your unique skills and ambitions. Submit your Resume and Cover letter, we can't wait to hear from you!

At TimeXtender we believe in simplifying, automating and executing. And because time matters, we engage fully charged. We have ‘living your best life’ at heart and strive to create a flexible workplace that meets individual needs and purpose in life. We are a fully distributed organization with satellite offices around the work and a virtual headquarter. We are organized in non-hierarchical Purpose Circles to have all Xpeople shine, thrive and perform at their best. We are fans of innovation and execution power and since we are a company in growth, we are on the look for talents around the globe to join us on this exciting journey. 

Here you'll find the topics we value, when we read your application when you reflect and describe below, make sure you proactively transfer it to how you see yourself in a TimeXtender context.

  • What is your purpose and what are your values?
  • How does a growth mindset shape the way you think, act and live - the results you're creating?
  • Ambitions, what do you want to achieve?
  • Your key competencies and skills
  • Your professional experience and education
  • In TimeXtender we are One Global Team - Working From Anywhere. That means that we are working remotely, the Cloud is our HQ - do you thrive in such?
  • The purpose is our real boss! We are purpose-driven and organized in an agile structure in self-leading Purpose Circles. We value transparency, and end-to-end accountability and work asynchronously and output-based - do you deliver results in this way of working? 
  • When are you available for jumping on the TimeXtender train?
  • What else of value you would like to bring to the table?

Additionally, when applying through the online recruitment system, you will be prompted to upload your resume. While we value resumes that showcase your unique experience, we encourage you to go beyond the CV and share with us your thoughts and experiences with the questions above. Don’t be shy, this is your time to humbly brag about yourself!

We can't wait to hear from you!

About us in short


We offer you 

  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join an ambitious, global, hyper-growth company that seeks to make a real impact on the world with our core purpose of "empowering the world with data, mind and heart. Because time matters."
  • The opportunity to grow your professional and personal skills in a unique and innovative culture 
  • We work remote as a fully distributed organization with satellites around the world. We have flexible work hours and aiming to meet your life balance. We network and have fun online because we love spending time with all Xpeople 
  • You will become part of a talented group of diverse, curious, and passionate colleagues around the world 
  • A salary based on market value, health insurance, and a beneficial pension scheme.


Our Product  

TimeXtender® is the market leader in data management with our automated, low-code, drag-and-drop data estate builder. We provide our revolutionary technology to companies that want to quickly build and manage a modern data estate on Microsoft cloud platforms via our partner community. We are 100% channel driven. 

About TimeXtender 


At TimeXtender, everything we do is 100% driven by our core purpose “to empower the world with data, mind and heart” We believe in simplification, automation, and execution. Our mantra is” because time matters, we engage fully charged”  


TimeXtender is a privately held company founded in 2006, currently experiencing a hyper-growth phase. We attract talent from all over the world and operate as a fully distributed organization with satellite offices and a virtual headquarters. We have embraced remote work across 9 different time zones.


Who we are and how we work 


We are organized in non-hierarchical Purpose Circles to foster innovation, agility, and execution. We have 10 different nationalities represented among the 50+ awesome Xpeople that work every day to move us forward 10x faster as a technology leader within the data industry. We work remotely, asynchronously and with a write first approach. Our organization embodies the future of work!  


We are fans of innovation and execution, and because we are a hyper-growth company. Each one of us is proactively responsible for our own role and actions, always contributing to TimeXtender’s core purpose. You won’t find micro-managers, or babysitting, we live and breathe proactivity!

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